Sunday, August 16, 2015

About me

My name is Tom Elegeert. I've been working as an operational meteorologist for about 15 years now. At first, I worked at the Belgian coast, where I made weather forecasts for the shipping industry, activities in the Belgian harbours and coastal protection.
In August 2009, I moved to the head quarters of the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium in Ukkel (Brussels).
Since I previously have been involved in supporting adventures or expeditions with specific and detailed weather forecasts (such as Dixie Dansercoer's "In the wake of the Belgica" sail expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula and the 2013 World Solar Challenge in Australia), I was now again asked by the Belgian Solar Team to provide them with weather information during this year's World Solar Challenge.

The World Solar Challenge actually is the World Championship for solar cars. The competing teams will start in Darwin on October 18 and will try to arrive in Adelaide as soon as possible.

I will join the Belgian Solar Team during this race. They will use my input to determine the strategy for each day, in order to use the available solar energy in the best possible way.
Before and during this extraordinary adventure, I will share this experience - seen trough the eyes of a meteorologist - with the readers of this blog.

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