Friday, October 16, 2015

Fly like an eagle

During the World Solar Challenge, Punch One, the Belgian solar car, will be assisted by a convoy of no less than 6 cars plus one truck. I will take place in the first car, which is called the Eagle.

The Eagle will always stay approximately 100 km ahead of the solar car and continuously be in contact with the Brains. The Brains is the name of the car following Punch One. Aboard of this car are the people in charge of the strategy of the team.

The Eagle, with weather station at the front

The Eagle will always stay so far ahead to explore the area where the solar car will be going to. Visual observations and measurements done by instruments on board of the Eagle will give us the opportunity to fine-tune the strategy during the race. Would the forecast for the day seem to be not okay - which is very unlickely ;-) - these observations will allow us to update it.

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